What is a routine?

When we talk about routines, we are talking about SNOObie’s customisable light colours and sounds that parents can schedule in advance using the Happiest Baby App (just like setting an alarm on your phone!). You can pick the day(s), time, and light and sound combinations that work best for your family, but some example routines include:

  • Sleepytime Routine: Set a routine to have SNOObie play a soothing lullaby and shine a calming magenta light to signal when it is time to brush teeth, get in pyjamas, and cuddle up for a story. Then, 30 minutes later, have a ‘nite-nite’ routine set to automatically flip on the rain or train sound with a dark red nightlight to help bring on the Zzzs.
  • OK-to-Wake Routine: Create a Rise & Shine routine to keep your early bird in bed until you are ready. Use a yellow light plus rain sound to signal quiet play is okay; a green light and SNOObie music to signal when it is time to get out of bed and start the day.
  • SNOO-to-Cot Transition Routine: Let SNOObie ease the transition from SNOO to the cot by serenading your baby with the SNOO sounds they loved during the first 6 months.
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