I forgot to turn off SNOO when I took my baby out. How can I delete a SNOO session?

Please make sure you have the latest version of the Happiest Baby App. The latest is always available from the Apple® App Store or Google Play®.

If you take your baby out of SNOO without disengaging the safety clips or pressing the Activity Button, the SNOO session will still be recorded in your Sleep Log, but we have a fix for that!

Head to Summary under Sleep Log, where you’ll be able to view all sleep sessions, and delete any invalid sleep sessions! Keep in mind that you can’t undo this action.

Delete SNOO.jpeg

Make sure you still have SNOO paired to your Happiest Baby App account, and enable Sleep Data collection in the App. Any sleep data adjustments are not allowed without your consent. 

After successfully deleting an invalid SNOO session, you can add accurate data by submitting a new journal entry—just input the correct session time and duration.

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