How can I lock SNOO on a specific level?

Please make sure you have the latest version of the Happiest Baby App. The latest is always available from the Apple® App Store or Google Play®.

Level Locking SNOO is like putting a car on cruise control. Some babies do best when SNOO’s motion and sound are locked on one level…all night. If your baby doesn’t seem to like higher motion + sound, try locking SNOO on Baseline. If your baby is waking too often, they may need a little extra jiggly motion + sound... try locking on Level 1 or 2 all night for a few weeks. When SNOO is locked on Baseline through Level 2, SNOO won’t increase levels even if your baby fusses.

Simply turn SNOO on, then use the App to advance the levels to Purple or Green...

  1. At the SNOO Dashboard screen, tap the Lock icon below the Play/Pause button
  2. You should see the icon lock itself meaning it’s engaged!

Level lock.jpg

To unlock, tap on the Lock icon below the Play/Pause button on the SNOO Dashboard screen, or simply change SNOO’s level with the App or the Activity Button on SNOO and the bed will return to responding automatically!

Note: SNOO will not respond to your baby’s cries while it is "locked."

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