I misspelled my email address in the App. How can I fix it?

If you misspelled your email address in the App, simply create a new account with your correct email address. Just open the App and click Sign Up. Then proceed to pair your mobile device with your SNOO or SNOObie.

If you want to use a different email address than you originally choose during signup but have successfully paired your mobile device with your SNOO or SNOObie, simply remove your SNOO or SNOObie from your account:

  1. Head over to the Profile icon at the bottom of your screen
  2. Select a Device to begin
  3. At the bottom, tap Remove Device to unpair and follow the on-screen prompts


After that, log out and sign up with the preferred email address and pair your devices again.

If you are not able to log into your account with the correct email, please click here to contact Customer Care. We're happy to help!

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