Will SNOO’s motion make my baby dependent on being rocked to sleep?

As babies mature, they naturally outgrow the need for rocking to help them sleep. No wonder babies love to rock in our arms and in swings or go for car trips. Rather than going 'cold turkey' the minute babies are born, SNOO continues the familiar womb-like motion and sound.

Once babies are 5 or 6 months old, they become able to stay asleep without rocking and, at that time, it is quite easy to wean babies off motion.

The SNOO App Weaning Feature stops all night motion and only provides rocking when babies fuss.

The bottom line: Little babies sleep best when 1) snugly held (swaddled), 2) shushed and 3) rocked... for all naps and the entire night! Once they get to 5-6 months of age, they become mature enough to sleep without motion and swaddling!

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