Is the sound safe for my baby's hearing?

While white noise has been shown to promote infant sleep, parents may wonder how much sound is too much for babies.

To understand safe sound, it helps to think about white noise in the context of the normal noises that newborns encounter.

The sound of rain is about 50 dB, the sound premature babies hear in an NICU averages ~60 dB, a normal conversation is 60-65 dB, the sound inside a car is 65-75 dB, the sound in the womb is 75-92 dB, and a baby’s cry can reach 100-120 dB (somewhere between a rock concert and a jet taking off).

SNOO’s Baseline sound mimics the womb’s 24/7 soothing rumble, but at a much lower decibel level (~64 dB, similar to a parent’s shushing or normal conversation). After 40 minutes, the sound automatically drops to ~61 dB. Then, when babies cry, SNOO’s sound increases, reaching a maximum of ~85 dB. This increase in sound and motion helps to soothe fussing by triggering a baby’s “calming reflex.” Then, once your baby is calm, the sound and motion gradually return to the Baseline Level.

If desired, parents can easily lower the Baseline sound to start at ~57 dB…or increase it to start at ~68 dB in Settings (SNOO settings > Preferences > Volume).

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