When should I start using the Weaning feature?

There is no rush!

Some parents have heard they need to wean before the baby “gets dependent on” the rocking and sound. But, weaning too early actually removes the valuable support SNOO offers to aid later sleep problems.  We recommend you not start weaning 5-6 months. (Note: Even if your baby’s toes touch the bottom of the bed, it is still advised to wait until 5-6 months.) 

The SNOO App will notify you around 5 months to consider weaning and again a couple of weeks later. Be sure to input your baby’s correct birth date in the App so we can notify you on time.

Please Note: SNOO will only notify you it is time to wean if you have opted in to provide your baby’s birth date on the app

Get more information about the Weaning feature and advice on how to best wean the swaddle and motion here!

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