Is there specific white noise you recommend?

Unlike most noise machines, apps and downloads, Happiest Baby’s sounds are specially engineered to perfectly mimic the soothing sounds of the womb.

They are great to use—along with swaddling—to calm cries outside the house, like in the car on trips, at daycare, etc.   

The Happiest Baby sounds are exactly the same as the sounds in SNOO. You can purchase them in our store in streaming MP3 format! You can also find our white noises on Spotify®Apple Music®, and Google Play Music®.

You can also get the same magical white noise babies love in SNOO—plus a few special new sounds designed by Dr. Karp—in SNOObear and SNOObie. SNOObear is a new white noise machine that doubles as a cuddly lovey. Learn more about SNOObear here! SNOObie is an all-in-one smart soother for babies to big kids! Learn more about SNOObie here!

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