How can I aid my baby's sleep in SNOO?

Every baby is unique! So, if your baby is not calming as well as you expected, it may be that he or she needs just a small tweak of the settings. Our Customer Care team has helped hundreds of families maximize SNOO's benefit. They are available 7 days/week to answer questions and share tips. Please click here to contact our team.

Here are a few tips to start:

  1. Feeding for better sleep
  2. Checking the baby is swaddled correctly
  3. Finding the best level of sound +  motion to calm your unique baby
  4. Upping SNOO's baseline level during bumps in the road
  5. Accommodating your baby's natural preferences (ex. Babies who love 'side-stomach' position)

In the video below, Dr Karp explains some of the many ways to help your baby's sleep in SNOO:

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