How do I use SNOO?

It is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Swaddle your baby in the SNOO sack.    
  • Open the sack and inner bands and lay your baby down (place your baby’s shoulders 5 - 7 cm (2-3”) higher than the neckline of the sack).
  • Close the inner band – very snugly! The bottom edge should cover most of the hand, just leaving the fingers exposed. (If the band is too high on the arm, the neckline may ride up onto the baby’s chin.)
  • Now, snug the top of the sack up and over each shoulder…and zip the sack completely. (The neckline should now be well below your child’s chin.)  Click to watch our video about swaddling.
  • Upon laying your baby in SNOO, always ensure your child’s safety by securing the swaddle to the bed (every time, whether SNOO is on or off). Just slide the loop – on the end of each swaddle wing – over the safety clips on each side of the platform.
  • Press the activity button on the front of SNOO. The button will flash white for about a minute as the bed’s computer 'boots up'. Once it stops flashing, push the button. The light will turn blue and SNOO will turn on. (The light does not stop flashing? SNOO does not turn on? That is usually because the wing loops are not slipped completely onto both safety clips.)
  • When your baby fusses, SNOO will wait a few seconds before responding, to allow her to self-soothe. If the fussing continues, SNOO will go slightly faster and louder. The bed will move through 4 levels of higher sound/motion, until the fussing stops or SNOO automatically stops. (It 'times out' after a couple of minutes of continued crying.)
  • Another way to increase the level of sound/motion is to push the activity button for several seconds. As you continue to push, the button will change colour and SNOO will go to the next level. You can repeat this until SNOO reaches the 4th and highest level (orange/pink). You can also boost the level of your SNOO with the SNOO Mobile App.
  • To stop SNOO, simply push the activity button once. To reduce the level of activity, you must use the SNOO Mobile App. Or, simply wait and SNOO will reduce its level – step by step – over the next 5-10 minutes.

Note: SNOO usually calms fussing within 60 seconds. So, if your baby cries for longer than a minute you can assume she needs a feeding, nappy change, cuddle or other help. You do not need to wait for SNOO to stop itself. (It automatically stops after a couple of minutes of fussing.)


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