How do I use the Sleepea?

It is easy:

  1. Unzip…then spread open the Velcro armband & leg flap.
  2. Place your baby 5 cm above the sack neckline, pulling the swaddle up and over your baby. Make sure the band is snug and down over their wrists.
  3. Snugly close the Velcro armband and make sure the band is snug and low covering the wrists.
    Attach the between-the-leg flap to the Velcro armband
  4. Finish by zipping the sack from bottom to top. The swaddle's neckline should be well below your newborn's chin.

You are all set!

Please Note:

Only use Sleepea with the zipper fully closed…top and bottom.
Sleepea is NOT for use in SNOO Smart Sleeper. Only the SNOO Sack swaddle is approved for use in SNOO.

Can your baby roll back to the front? Do not swaddle with the arms under the Velcro armband & leg flap. Release your baby's arms through the armhole snaps at the shoulders on all Small, Medium, and Large swaddle sacks.

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