Why can I not see my Sleep Log Data or my Baby's name anymore?

The SNOO App is no longer available on the Google Play Store, and it will be removed from the Apple App Store on January 10, 2024. For an improved user experience, download the Happiest Baby App on iOS or Android.

To protect consumer data, if you have opted out of Happiest Baby collecting your Sleep Data or Baby Information, you will lose the ability to:

  • • See your baby’s sleep sessions in SNOO at the Sleep Log page
  • • Have the app be personalized with your little one’s name

If you would prefer to have that information accessible via the app, simply change your Data Collection preferences. To modify these settings…

  1. Click on the question mark icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your app screen 
  2. Select Manage Data Collection
  3. Toggle on Baby’s Name and SNOO Log

Once completed your app will be personalized with your little one’s name and future sleep sessions inside SNOO!

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