What does SNOObear do?

Our paediatrician-designed SNOObear is a soft, snuggly friend for your child—plus, so much more! SNOObear is a:

  • Responsive white noise machine that turns on when Baby starts fussing
  • SNOO companion that offers familiar SNOO sounds to soothe little ones when they are away from SNOO and when they are transitioning to a cot
  • On-the-go soother, thanks to a built-in strap that secures SNOObear to the pram or car seat 
  • Huggable lovey that is a great sleep cue for older babies and toddlers…plus the white noise aids sleep!
  • Puppet toy with finger holes at the back, turning Baby’s furry friend into a playtime pal!

As a white noise machine, SNOObear provides familiar SNOO sounds and a few new special sounds. It is also responsive, making it the perfect helper for when you might be on the go without your beloved SNOO—and once your SNOOzer graduates to a cot.

White noise works miracles with fussy babies and is an amazingly powerful cue to aid sleep because it mimics the sound babies hear in the womb. SNOObear’s specially-curated soothing sounds are designed to bring on the Zzz’s! Simply program SNOObear to play for 30 or 60 minutes. (You choose!) After the sound stops, SNOObear continues to “tune in” for the next 3 hours. That means, if your baby or toddler begins to fuss within that time frame, SNOObear responds with another dose of soothing sound, helping to lull your baby right back to sleep!


SNOObear’s responsiveness works best when placed within 30-60 cm from your little one.

If your child is less than 1 year old, SNOObear should not be used inside Baby’s sleep space.

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