Can I adjust my notifications for the SNOO App?

The SNOO App is no longer available on the Google Play Store, and it will be removed from the Apple App Store on January 10, 2024. For an improved user experience, download the Happiest Baby App on iOS or Android.

Getting updates about your little one is always important! Which is why we have included the options to adjust your notification preferences for the SNOO App. Let’s run through how our notifications work…

To access head into the SNOO App & go to Settings ⚙️> Preferences > Notifications.


There you will see the following options:

  • Soothing Notifications—when toggled ON, you will be notified when SNOO increases by two levels from crying. For example, if your SNOO is on Blue-Baseline and increases to Level 2, you will receive a notification that SNOO is soothing your little one.
  • Stickies Notifications—when toggled OFF, you will no longer be notified of the SNOO App's Stickies which provide you with milestones & sleep tips. You will still receive key notifications, but if you don't want to receive any Stickie updates, toggle off the below option!
    • Key Notifications—when toggled OFF, any milestone notifications will be disabled. You'll still be able to view Stickie messages, however, you won't see any push notifications on your device.
  • Clip Notifications—when toggled ON, you will be notified every time a SNOO Sack safety clip is disengaged from SNOO while in a session. This can be super helpful if your newborn loves to kick and wiggle around while in SNOO, but don't worry our Smart Sleep will stop its motion & sound whenever the swaddle is taken off the safety clips.


If you'd like to stop receiving notifications from the SNOO App head into your mobile device's Notification Preferences in Settings. Please note, the notification SNOO has Timed Out will always be sent if your little one happens to cry past Level 4 and needs a little loving from you!

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